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KubiK Service is a professional service center for the repair of modern electronics and electronic equipment, as well as a store located in the center of Boryspil. We offer a full range of repairs for modern electronics of all brands, especially for Apple devices. Now, the residents of Boryspil no longer need to go to Kyiv for highly qualified repair services of office equipment, laptops, computers, tablets or smartphones, because the best repair technicians are already here. We are proud to have more than 8 years on the market, more than 30 000 satisfied customers and more than 50 000 units of repaired equipment.

Our main advantage lies in an honest unique approach and attitude towards the client. Solving your technical problems is our priority and passion. We always give an objective assessment of the condition of the device and do not offer our services if it is unnecessary or will produce unreliable results. We do not offer unnecessary services and will always tell the client what not to spend money on.

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Apple service from our company may often be needed by every owner of equipment from a well-known manufacturer with a worldwide reputation. The California corporation produces dozens of models and hundreds of varieties of equipment and gadgets, updating their product diversity every year.

Among competitors, the products of this brand are valued primarily for their reliability, quality and performance. However, even the most durable smartphone or laptop case can get damaged sooner or later. Accidental bumps, falls, spilled liquids, pranks from small children and pets, traveling on crowded public transport – any of these causes can lead to cracks, scratches, chips and other types of damage. By themselves, such phenomena may not initially affect performance and functionality, so many owners of well-known brand devices try to delay the repair of Apple equipment to the last.

Nevertheless, it is worth knowing: even seemingly insignificant and not affecting the performance of gadgets, problems of damage or breakdown) in the future can lead to the most serious consequences.